Tex Star Automotive - Shady Owner running a Shady Operation - Beware Fort Hood Soldiers

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Fort Hood Soldiers,

The business is in the middle of the ghetto. The shop is dirty, dark, and the owner smiles to your face, but delivers poor repairs or none at all. Note to those at Fort Hood, this is a shady shop with shady owner. There are way better shops that aren't even in the ghetto like this one.

Note: The http://www.demandforce.com/b/texstarautomotive review site appears to be an inside job, because it is linked to his Intuit account and thus all the reviews look good. Proof he is shady. BEWARE.

3612 E Veterans Memorial Blvd Killeen Tx


Tex Star Automotive Tex Star Auto

Monetary Loss: $3000.

  • Tex Star Auto
  • 3612 E Veterans Memorial Blvd Kill


Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #677390
Of course. Your demandforce review site is your creation, but even worse:

Major Problems with Angie’s List

1. Angie’s List is not exactly on the consumer’s side as they advertise
2. Angie’s List isn’t on contractor or business’s side either
3. Asking consumer to pay money $$$$ to write an review.
4. Aggressive sales and bad customer service
5. Once you pay, nearly impossible to get refund
6. The major one, I don’t trust the business

In summary, you bought your so called super service award. More like super bad service. :roll
Killeen, Texas, United States #677322

I am the owner, I have no idea who posted this or why. We have very good customer service and we have won the Angie's List super service award two years in a row. If a customer has a legitimate complaint, we take care of it.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #677651

I took my car there too while visiting relatives at Fort Hood. Owner was more of a pudgy putz than what I expected.

Not very professional, more of an eskimo selling ice to eskimos type person.

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